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This is a space for learning, where one might find resources, advice, techniques, and assignments with which to improve skills in a wide range of disciplines…

My name is Professor Owlfeather…

I created this site to share helpful materials and ideas to both students and anyone who might find them useful; after all, we are all really students throughout life, in the classroom of the world…

Learning is a lifelong process; when we stop learning, we start dying, and it is this openness to the mysterious, this pioneering spirit, this enigmatic, exploratory, creative drive that vitalizes the spirit, sharpens the mind, and is the catalyst for individual and societal progress…

The word holographic is used here to illustrate the philosophy of how I teach, and when I say teach, I mean it in the oldest sense of the word. A holograph contains all of the information in the whole system in each part of itself. It is self-similar, and is nature’s greatest example of self-organization and efficiency. In my opinion, all information is available to every living thing, everything is interconnected, and everything is entangled at the quantum level with everything else; the ultimate law being cause and effect. Therefore, it is really a matter of awakening this information within oneself that must be accomplished.

No one can learn for you; ultimately you must learn everything yourself. It certainly helps to have great teachers, who bring material to life and who are subject matter experts, but in the end, all educational endeavors should strive for the apex of learning, which is self-teaching.

Self-teaching requires discipline, and intrinsic motivation, two things which no student can do without. Auto-didactic behavior can be learned, and those who start this process almost always find the truest unfolding of themselves, and reach their greatest potential through this type of inquisitive, investigating, and self-reliant behavior.

I wish anyone who decides to use this site great and joyous success in all of their endeavors! Use these tools to empower yourself and to give back to your community, invigorate your passions, achieve your ambitions, and tenaciously seek to realize your wildest dreams!

-Professor Owlfeather


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  1. Daniel,

    I’m really enjoying the psych 101 class on Friday morning. Your delivery of information on totally right on!!! Im muddling through the online tools and now will try to figure out which ted talks i need to focus on in addition to the one we watched last Fiday. Thank you for making this couse come to life!

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